Q1. Is how you think about yourself, or how much you like yourself, dependent on achievement or striving? How would you feel about yourself if you did not achieve or strive for high goals? 

Q2. What are your high standards? What things do you demand of yourself?

Q3. Do you have rules that help you achieve your high standards? Do you think these rules are fair for you? Would they be fair if given to someone else?

Q4. What do you say to yourself after you have achieved something? What about if you don't achieve your goal? 

Q5. What are some counterproductive behaviours you engage in after your 'self-talk' mentioned in Q4?

Q6. What does engaging in these behaviours do to your ability to succeed next time? If you managed to achieve your goal, how long does the feeling last? Do you find ways to discount your success? 

Q7. What emotions do you associate with each of these stages?