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So, how do you improve productivity? The answer might be simpler than imagined. Here's a metaphor to help explain it.

Imagine you're out for a drive when you car starts having trouble and eventually cuts out. You decide to pull over and take a look under the bonnet. You check the timing belt, coolant, spark plugs, battery, air filter, and every other part of the engine you can think of. Without any luck, you call roadside assist and get them to take a look at what's wrong with your car. 

Roadside assist arrives to assess your vehicle and discovers...your fuel tank is empty. 

Wellbeing is made up of multiple parts, all of which are important in how well your engine runs. Nevertheless, if you forgot to put in fuel, no matter how good your engine is, you can't expect to be performing to your best. An empty fuel tank is one which hasn't been replenished, or you're expecting will refuel itself without putting in the necessary stops.

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