The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruption on a global scale. It has limited people's ability to maintain good habits, experience new opportunities, and work towards long-term goals, effectively putting lives 'on hold' whilst in lockdown.


Coping with these restrictions and the lack of meaningful pursuits is difficult for everyone, but for some, it can cause real intolerable distress.

The Focused Minds Program is a free, online program. Content from the program is based on the self-help book Overcoming Perfectionism by Roz Shafran, Sarah Egan, and Tracey Wade. The program is intended to help those at risk of developing an eating disorder by looking at ways to aim for high standards without feeling the need to reach perfection, to improve self-worth by focusing on areas of life which are not linked with achievement, and by tackling self-criticism. The idea behind the program is that focusing a person’s mindset on ’healthy achievement rather than perfectionism’ can reduce some of the factors which may contribute to an eating disorder.  



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Eight full sessions of content


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This program have been created to help individuals who struggle with the pressure of their own goals, whose self-worth is impacted by not being able to achieve during the time of COVID-19, and who want to work towards positive goal attainment without the fear of never feeling 'good enough'.